Maternity Nursing - How Babies Communicate

Maternity Nursing | taught by Julie Heginbottom
nicole kayemba

nicole kayemba

Julie Heginbottom
Julie Heginbottom
Senior teacher

About the instructor

Julie Heginbottom has 23 years’ experience in childcare including as a nanny, maternity nurse and sleep consultant. She holds an NNEB, a degree in Early Years and is a qualified nutritional therapist, childcare tutor and assessor. Julie has worked extensively with many different families through her own consultancy and aims to empower parents, finding solutions that fit their lifestyle and philosophy rather than advocating a one-size-fits-all approach. As a trainer Julie applies these same principles, prioritising up-to-date, essential information but allowing each student to find their own niche. Julie has collaborated with LSCS (formerly HATA) on a wide range of courses, bringing us her considerable experience and perspective as a nanny and maternity nurse.

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Course Curriculum

Maternity Nurse (non-medical) How Babies Communicate