Course Description

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Kris Kasperkiewicz

Kris has a passion for health and fitness. Since graduating with a degree in biology, he has followed a varied course, including qualifying as a gym instructor and personal trainer, a cycling coach, and, following completion of his Masters degree in Human  Nutrition, is now a registered associate nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition. He has also had a strong interest in food and cooking and is a qualified chef.He is passionate about helping educate people on following healthy lifestyles, including the social and mental aspects of wellbeing as well as the physical.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • How to use this course

    • Learning objectives

  • 2

    Health and healthy food

    • Health and healthy eating

    • Obesity

    • Health - key takeaways

  • 3


    • Nutrition

    • Nutrition - key takeaways

    • Food

    • Food - key takeaways

  • 4

    Diets and the Eatwell guide

    • Diets

    • The Eatwell guide

    • Supplements

    • Current UK diet

    • Eatwell guide general guidance

    • Diets - key takeaways

  • 5

    Practical guidance

    • Eatwell guide for early years

    • British Nutrition Foundation guide for years 1 to 4

    • Eatwell guide for children

    • Practical advice

    • Food shopping and food labelling

    • Food safety

    • Practical guidance - key takeaways

  • 6

    Course completion

    • Course quiz

    • Congratulations

    • Resources and further reading

    • Before you go..